Current Standings

Standings inclusive of Mar 6
1Victorya - Grecias Bakery40120.769
2Meeting House Meat Ballers38160.703
3Betty Ford Potential34160.68
4Pen Hitters37190.660
5Britney's Balls35210.625
6Graystone Tavern Bombs32200.615
7Bump Up The Jam34220.607
8Head Cases30240.555
9Thunder Bumpers29270.517
10Kinetix Phyiscal Therapy25250.5
11Volley Llamas20240.454
12Matzah Ballers22340.392
14Fisty Niners19330.365
15Trashy Otters11290.275
16Burke's Ace-Holes14380.269
17B Free Agent Team15410.267
18North Halsted Dental Spa: Wear the Crown9430.173