Current Standings

Standings inclusive of Mar 6
1How I Set Your Mother4590.833
2GL Home Decor4190.82
3Ball Divers44100.814
4Top Heavy Hitters35110.760
5Free Ballers38140.730
6Replay Speed Bumps35150.7
7SOFO Spiked Setzers26160.619
8Some Spike It Hot28200.583
9SAD! (Sunday Afternoon Delights)29250.537
10Sets With Friends24320.428
11Volley, You in Danger, Girl18340.346
12Saved by the Ball16400.285
13Cute! *block*14380.269
14Lift and Carry11410.211
15Yah Mo Sahn8340.190
16EZ Pass8400.166
17Lofty Balls Aloft Chicago Mag Mile2460.041