1st(Seed 2) Mpls Reno & Gomorrah
2nd(Seed 4) Omaha Burikats
3rd(Seed 6) Mpls Ace Down Pass Up
4th(Seed 1) Omaha Notorious DIG
5th(Seed 3) Des Moines Midwest How Mess Express
5th(Seed 5) Mpls Fantastic Bottoms and Where to Find Them
7th(Seed 8) Mpls Jazzagals
7th(Seed 7) Mpls Oppalance
9th(Seed 10) Madison MadHausers
9th(Seed 12) Mpls Disco Queens
9th(Seed 9) Mpls Las Malditas B
9th(Seed 11) Milwaukee CREAM PUFFS
13th(Seed 14) Mpls Regulation Hotties
13th(Seed 17) Mpls ESHAS Segunda Temporada 2.5
13th(Seed 15) Mpls Follow my OnlyFans account: Hit-Faced
13th(Seed 13) Mpls Flamingos
17th(Seed 16) Mpls Dat Ace Tho