1st(Seed 5) Chicago Paulina Butchers
2nd(Seed 3) Venezuela Chill out
3rd(Seed 8) Saint Louis Hot Shots
4th(Seed 9) Chicago MABUHAY
5th(Seed 15) Cincinnati BTS: BornToSpike
5th(Seed 1) Madison MUTOMBO
7th(Seed 4) Cleveland I am Groot
7th(Seed 14) Springfield Your Dad's Team
9th(Seed 11) Pittsburgh Ladies Who Lunch
9th(Seed 10) Toronto United
9th(Seed 20) Chicago Bumpers
9th(Seed 2) Chicago Barbz
13th(Seed 17) Minneapolis Reno No Gomorrah
13th(Seed 13) TerraMar Mermaids
13th(Seed 18) Jamaica Rasta Warrior
13th(Seed 22) Chicago Together to Play
17th(Seed 6) Chicago Board of Trade
17th(Seed 21) Chicago Extra Tall
17th(Seed 12) St Louis MO Bangers Only
17th(Seed 16) Lake Michigan Lady Lampreys
17th(Seed 7) Chicago Daddy Chill
17th(Seed 19) Milwaukee Chofas