1st(Seed 4) Omaha Fuzzy Ninjas
2nd(Seed 1) Omaha Notorious D.I.G.
3rd(Seed 2) Omaha Burikats
4th(Seed 8) New York Bing Bang Bong
5th(Seed 6) St. Louis Plastics
5th(Seed 7) Lakeville Barbie and the Nutcrackers
7th(Seed 6) St. Louis Plastics
7th(Seed 10) Lincoln Shuckin' and Shankin'
9th(Seed 9) NYC Oxidators
9th(Seed 5) Atlanta Pump Dump and Go
9th(Seed 12) Minneapolis The King's Men
9th(Seed 11) HYC Fruit Stripes
13th(Seed 14) Omaha Muffin Tops and Biscuit Bottoms
13th(Seed 13) Minneapolis Disco A GoGo