1st(Seed 6) Minneapolis The Northmen
2nd(Seed 5) Omaha Sets Before Marriage
3rd(Seed 1) Omaha At It Again
4th(Seed 3) St. Louis Hot Shots
5th(Seed 2) Lincoln Yet Another Dig
5th(Seed 4) Omaha's Finest
7th(Seed 10) Minneapolis #blessed
7th(Seed 14) Omaha Yells Real Loud
9th(Seed 9) Kansas City Shake That Pass
9th(Seed 12) Bay Area Floor Play
9th(Seed 7) St. Louis Big Dig Energy
9th(Seed 8) Philadelphia Liberty Bellas
13th(Seed 11) Milwaukee Chofas
13th(Seed 15) USA Hands on Fire
13th(Seed 13) Omaha Ballerz