1st(to be determined)
2nd(to be determined)
3rd(to be determined)
4th(to be determined)
5th(Seed 10) Lincoln Slob On My Cob
5th(Seed 2) Omaha Fuzzy Ninjas
7th(Seed 8) Omaha High Flyers
7th(Seed 9) Omaha Snatches
9th(Seed 6) St. Louis Not So Hot Shots
9th(Seed 13) Milwaukee ChuPapi
9th(Seed 4) St. Louis STL Barkadaz
9th(Seed 14) Council Bluffs Spike Tysons
13th(Seed 11) Omaha Big Dig Energy
13th(Seed 12) Madison Fre Shavocado