1st(Seed 1) Cincinnati BTS: BornToSpike
2nd(Seed 2) Pittsburgh Go, Toros!
3rd(Seed 8) Pittsburgh Jem and the Holograms
4th(Seed 6) Washington DC Destroy that pAss
5th(Seed 4) Chicago Ball Busters
5th(Seed 3) Chicago Bumpers
7th(Seed 11) Pittsburgh Wumbo
7th(Seed 9) Lake Michigan Lady Lampreys
9th(Seed 10) Cincinnati Cunning Stunts
9th(Seed 13) Lexington Love Handles
9th(Seed 7) Lexington Big Deal
9th(Seed 5) Orlando Warriors
13th(Seed 14) Cincinnati Gang Bang Gals Reborn
13th(Seed 17) TerraMar Mermaids
13th(Seed 15) Toronto Clarksons
13th(Seed 12) Berlin Die Geißböcke
17th(Seed 16) Springsboro Volleyball fiends